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Special Education Masters Program


The Mission of the Special Education Master's Program is to prepare master teachers to work with children, youth, and adults with disabilities. Master teacher candidates demonstrate competency with management, instructional design, collaboration, and action research skills in school and community settings.

Program Objectives

  1. Candidates will design and implement effective and efficient instructional strategies and programs.
  2. Candidates will systematically conduct and evaluate single-subject research projects in applied settings.
  3. Candidates will conduct collaborative interactions such as problem solving and team meetings with parents and/or professionals using effective communication skills.
  4. Candidates will apply knowledge of special education law in accommodating students with disabilities and their families in school and community settings.
  5. Candidates will acquire advanced knowledge in behavior analysis and apply this knowledge to practical situations.

Overview - Master's (MS, M.Ed.)

The master's program offers an advanced level of preparation for professionals who work with people with disabilities. There are four basic programs offered:

  1. The M.Ed. degree is designed for those who wish to improve their competencies as educators. Besides course work, it includes a creative project related to the candidate's specialization area.
  2. The M.S. degree is for those who want to improve their teaching skills and are contemplating an advanced degree beyond the master's. In addition to course work, a research proposal and study is required that contributes knowledge to the field of special education.
  3. The M.S. or M.Ed. degree with certification is for those entering the program without previous certification in special education. It requires additional course work.
  4. The Master of Education with Education Leadership Emphasis degree program is designed for individuals pursuing administrative or supervisory positions in the public school system. The program combines the special education focus on refining school practices in terms of instruction and management practices, legal requirements, and professional collaboration with the knowledge and competencies of the Administrative/Supervisory Certificate Program.

Advising and Information

Contact Bob Morgan of the Master's Committee.