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Special Education Masters Program

Outcomes Data

  1. Admission. Measures of learning objectives: (a) numeric ratings of GRE scores, transcripts, letters of intent, letters of recommendation, resumes, and other relevant information. (b) ratings of student application materials.

Recruitment and Admissions

Program Applications

Program Applications

Program Acceptances

Program Acceptance

Average GRE Verbal Score

GRE Verbal Average

Average GRE Quantitative Score

GRE Quant Average

Average GRE Analytical Writing Score

GRE Analytic Average

Average GPA

GPA Average

  1. Course and fieldwork. Measures of learning objectives: (a) Student grades for courses and field work. (The masters transition specialist program also evaluates outcome data with an independent evaluation team who analyze syllabi, field assignments, and products in relation to Council for Exceptional Children Transition Specialization standards.) (b) Student Program of Study and GPA for courses and field work.
  2. Thesis or Creative Project. Measures of learning objectives: Faculty approval of research proposal, faculty approval of final thesis/project, approval by School of Research and Graduate Studies.
  3. Student Evaluation of Masters Program at Graduation. Measures of learning objectives: Student evaluation data.
    Data on student evaluations are available here . Note that our most current data from student evaluations combine all three of our graduate programs.