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Vision and Mission

Student giving a young girl with disability a piggyback ride.


Through high quality professional preparation, research, advocacy, and innovative programming, we will lead in building inclusive communities and environments where equal opportunity and the equitable distribution of resources for people with disabilities and their families is the norm, not the exception.


People with disabilities make meaningful contributions to our communities and to society. However, we recognize that people with disabilities and their families are historically ignored, marginalized and excluded. Therefore, our mission is to prepare high quality professionals; identify, implement, and disseminate evidence-based practices; and conduct research and outreach in collaboration with community partners. Our work is critical to ensure the full inclusion of people with disabilities across educational, independent living, and employment domains.

The core values that drive our mission include the conviction that all people have the right to:

  • Respect: valued interactions and communication
  • Wellness: positive relationships and meaningful partnerships
  • Inclusion: meaningful participation in education, employment, and community
  • Self-determination: opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and strengths to support self-advocacy and informed choices.