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Special Education Masters Program

About the Program

The master's degree in special education at Utah State University is considered an advanced level of preparation for professionals who work with children, youth, and adults with disabilities. It is designed to develop and improve teaching skills in the classroom as well as to develop the skills of those who work with individuals with disabilities in community-based settings. There are four basic master's degree programs offered in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling: Master of Education (M.Ed.), Master of Science (M.S.) in Special Education, M.S. in Behavior Analysis, and Master of Education with Administrative Supervisory License. The programs are designed to serve different populations with different career goals. Program design and course requirements are consistent with the general purposes of each degree option.

Program & Requirements

Application Deadline for Fall Courses

Applications for the M.Ed/M.S. in Special Education are due by March 15th for summer semester, June 15th for fall semester, and October 15th for spring semester.

Applications for the M.Ed. with Administrative/Supervisory Licensure concentration are due by March 15th for summer semester, May 1st for fall semester, and October 15th for spring semester. Students interested in applying to this concentration must also submit an application directly to the Teacher Education and Leadership department. Application requirements and deadlines can be found here

Applications for the M.S. with BCBA coursework are due March 15th for Fall Semester. Individuals applying to work with a specific faculty member or laboratory or who want an early decision should submit their applications by January 15th for Fall Semester.

Files must be complete (all items received by the graduate school) before they will be reviewed.

Contact Us

Department of Special Education & Rehabilitation and Counseling
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